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Jonathan Little Fired by Full Tilt Poker

jonathan littleHmmm… Jonathan Little was fired today for being an absolute tit and sharing his Full Tilt account with other players — something that is strictly verboten by the Full Tilt Poker Pro contract. He knew it, he had to be a hero and break the contract — he was rightfully fired.

BUT — he is no way the only Full Tilt Poker pro that has and is doing this. It’s common practice. Double standards, anyone?

Oh well — on his own little blog — Jonathan apologizes:

“As you all know, Full Tilt Poker decided to terminate my sponsorship agreement and prevent me from playing on their site because I allowed other people to use my account. At the time, I did not think sharing my account would be a big deal, but now I realize what I did was unethical, as well as really stupid. I would like to apologize to full tilt poker, and anyone else who was deceived by my actions. I have learned my lesson and I hope other prominent players and pro’s will learn from this as well. Again, I am sorry for my actions and hope that I will one day be forgiven.”


One Response to “Jonathan Little Fired by Full Tilt Poker”

  1. tim franklin Says:

    “I hope other prominent players and pro’s will learn from this as well” this is like saying I am sorry I am a drug dealer hopefuly the other drug dealers in my town will get busted too. I was a huge J.L. fan, and would of loved to see him say “I “F”ed I wil try to do better in the future, but his “response” is classless and left handed. you need to think about it and fix it

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